Be original

      You may have heard the statement, “be original”, many times and it’s clear that today it is difficult to be so when almost everything has be done, worn, made and said. You shouldn’t have to go to the extreme when finding your fashionable identity, wearing meat out in public is just unsanitary. Regardless of what you call your style or what genre you think it belongs to, there is still “Big Brother” system among retail world. Bigger name brands make us think that there is only their type of product, and that there are only a few place which you may find them at. As consumers we easily believe that we can’t find that style dress no where else, and we fall into the same pattern of buying the same product that everyone else is buying. We end up walking around in the same clothes, accessories and shoes. Granted, most companies mass produce their product out side of this country and that allows them to provide more variety at a lower cost and poor craftsmanship. The trick to being “original” in 2013 is to break old habits and try something new (for you), shopping somewhere you normally don’t and taking extra time while vintage shopping. The honest truth is that no one, except for some very few, can claim to be the first to wear this, the first to do that, the first to set a trend…WAKE UP, it’s all a trend circling as time goes by. Be original to your self, doll face 😉

         You don’t have the eye for fashion, you say, well you don’t need one to find what YOU like. If there is a particular style you wish you take on then study the era, you can find almost anything influenced by past trends and styles in department stores today. Considering the focus of my blog revolves around re-pro and original of vintage fashion, I will say that many clothing companies have been bitten by the jitter bug. You’ll find that businesses such as Target, H&M, Forever21, Guess & Dress Barn have distributed clothing inspired by 50’s fashion. The best part about it is that you’ll find the clothing to be much cheaper compared the prices at a specialty store/boutique. My favorite places to buy clothing are and will always be Pin-Up Girl Clothing, Stop Staring, Mode Merr and These places make it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for and I just adore all the items they have through all the seasons. Although, there are typical trends in 50’s fashion and then there is everything else that has been overlooked, which is why it wouldn’t hurt to study more about what you like and keeping an eye open while you are at other department stores.

          The inspiration I got for this blog came from my curiosity of what my readers think about the outfits I have posted and frankly I don’t care for negative opinions. But I wish to provide a piece of mind, and some background on where & how I arrange these outfits. All I will end this blog on is: know and be what you love and forget about what others think. 


Stay Humble & Beautiful! 
Shaina Doll
P.S Stay tuned every Wednesday for Wardrobe Wednesday outfits ❤