Shopping Addict?

You are strolling through the racks of sparkly perfect-cut clothes, the mix of scents made up of dozens of fabulous fragrances, the sounds of adornment from other shoppers over the heaven sent purse made perfectly. We walk into a department store and our eyes light up just as a child would standing against the window of a toy store. Fantasizing of being clothed in garments that shimmer and adding more edge or sheer beauty to your wardrobe. These are all the affects the holiday season has on our society when shopping is concerned. We are consumers, we spend our money, we dump hundreds and thousands of dollars into our looks. Considering the theme of my blog is about beauty and fashion, it would seem more appropriate to share special deals and where to buy. It has dawned on me how brainwashed we have become as shoppers; I am guilty of this habit we are naive to. But there are solutions to save a little more rather than spending more this holiday, also how to snap out of retail hypnosis.


It’s important to be aware of our shopping urges, how much excessive shopping we do & what we need or don’t need. But the media, advertising, trends and our peers pressure us to obtain the best and the newest. There’s something that triggers in our subconscious that when we see a beautifully stacked tower of pink glittered boxes containing shiny bracelets and crystal rings, it sticks in our minds and we become convinced that we need it… that we want so much. How do we separate needs and necessities?

First we can remind of what bills or debts we have waiting to be attended to, then decide if we really need a hott pair of sunglasses. We neglect our priorities while walking through a shopping mall, now some may be very strict and good with managing money, good for them. Not everyone experiences this problem, some are also very lucky well to do individuals. Though it is found in an article: “Understanding–and controlling–the primal urge to splurge” by David Futrelle, almost every American has or will use a credit card, while using a credit card most compulsive shoppers will spend between 20%-30% more than if they were to spend their own cash. Studies have shown that 90% of compulsive shoppers are women. Some of us may learn the lesson the hard way by accumulating so much debt, some may get lucky and stay green.

Another solution to prevent from purchasing the sexy new pallet of eyeshadows or a different color pair of boots, think about what your already have. Money was once spent on the products that sit at home in your room. Have your gotten your moneys worth from it? Do you really need a 20th pair of heels which you may use a few times and throw out? Think of the practicality of those heels, they were not made to sit like a trophy in your closet. Put them on your feet, wear them out and look fabulous of course. Also, instead of buying the most trendy and the extreme seasonal piece of clothing, buy more versatile garments (“the basics” and then you can dress it up more often with accessories or flashy shoes). Until you run out of something, tear or even damage anything, don’t buy it.

Personally, I’ve found that saving for a plane ticket to somewhere exotic and fun is my strategy for saving money. The biggest thing that helps too is to stay far away from department stores! When you get bored don’t shop, instead go for a hike, watch a movie, or sell your clothes ;).  Trends die, money doesn’t come easy, and the “things” we buy don’t comfort us when we need comfort, it doesn’t create memories which become stories we can tell later. All the things we buy don’t go to the grave with us either.

In the end it’s not a big deal. Money and pretty things don’t control our happiness DAY TO DAY. I will agree though that there is a temporary relief and cheery feeling when you buy yourself a new pair of earrings on a bad bad day/week. All in moderation ladies, we can do it.

Happy Holidays!
Stay Humble & Beautiful,
Shaina Doll

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