Tiki Esque

This shoot was in San Diego around the beginning of August with Susana Vestige.

It was Tiki-Themed, obviously ;), and the location was in someone’s backyard! A little Tiki oasis complete with a bar and an awesome collection of Tiki mugs. I was so amazed by the collection and arrangement of bright colors, art work, faux flowers, and shell lamps in the hut.

The Red Halter & Black High Waist Shorts: Park Place Vintage in Campbell, CA http://www.parkplacevintage.com/
Linda, the owner, has the most beautiful collection of vintage & reproduction pieces. She is quite the seamstress as well. Linda made the shorts, one of three I found on the rack, and the halter top didn’t even make it out on the floor. She showed me this halter that looked as though it may not fit, but as soon as I tried it on…it fit like a glove. That can be one major worry most vintage shoppers may have, is that the fit is not right and the one of a kind dream dress can no longer be yours (unless you drop a couple sizes). But I got lucky 😉

The Black & Multi-Colored Tiki Dress: Enz’s in Manhattan, NY http://www.enzsnyc.com/
Over the summer I went to visit my sister, and she planned to bring me to a dress shop she found near by her neighborhood. To say the least I spent almost 2 hours in this boutique almost looking at everything twice! Just as I decide to settle with a necklace I found, I saw this irresistible print peaking out from behind a rack of dresses. I reach all the way behind the hangers and it was love at first sight. The fit was comfortable and the cut was flattering. Enz’s has a fabulous collection of dresses perfect for all shapes and sizes!

Pink High-Waisted Shorts & 40’s Tie-Top: My Baby Jo in Los Angeles CA http://www.mybabyjo.com/
This clothing company is originally based out of L.A, but I went to visit their booth while I was at Viva Las Vegas hosted at The Orleans this year. There are many great vendors at Viva, so either you gamble your money and loose it all at the slot machines or spend it on all the amazing clothes and accessories..your choice 😉 The selection is endless, vendors from all of the world come to sell shoes, clothes, car parts, art, and almost anything your heart could dream of. My Baby Jo had a large spread this year, and I could have easily walked away with two arm full of bags, but instead I just purchased this delightful outfit. What I really like about My Baby Jo is that they create pieces so unique and hard to find. Almost everything I tried I fit just right and felt so comfortable!

Anyway, I’ve posted the images of myself in these outfits under the “Shaina Doll” page, please take a look and visit the sites I’ve listed in this blog to see if you find anything to your liking 🙂

Stay Beautiful & Humble

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