The pleasure is mine..

After growing out of my tom-boy pants and pony-tail wearing years, I discovered all the things that make a lady, well, a lady. There are many elements that go into what a woman is made up of. Her emotions are what inspire the color of her lipstick she may wear today. An unforgettable event might have formed an adventurer inside her which could very well mean she has more than three pairs of boots in her closet. Regardless of her profession, where she has been, who she’s loved, single or married, she will do something to enhance her appearance  and walk out the door into the world.

I am one woman amongst many, but what I’ve learned seems to work for me and I’d like to share my knowledge, tricks, and secrets with you. Also as I begin blogging, I look forward to learning from all of you. As long as I’m living I’ll have an open mind, ears & eyes {equipped with fake eye lashes of course 😉 }

Warmly, Shaina Doll